What is aids and Preventing HIV-AIDS

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AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a disease with high rates of infection throughout the world that has no vaccine to prevent or cure. It causes our body has difficulty in responding to other diseases and can cause death.

It is transmitted through blood, semen and from mother to child during pregnancy. It is therefore important to take precautions at any risk.

Many people who have the AIDS virus in the blood do not already know. It is recommended that to warn the people you have sex if you suffer.

What is HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus that causes the disease AIDS. Some people are asymptomatic carriers of HIV, i.e. who have the virus in the blood can pass it to others, but have no symptoms of the disease and that this has not appeared. Approximately after 10 years of being HIV infected, a person contracts the disease AIDS. People who carry HIV infected again, increase the risk of AIDS in less time and can aggravate their condition.

What is AIDS?

The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease that destroys the immune system of people. Those who contract AIDS may get sick more easily than others, and they can mean higher disease risk than most of the population.

AIDS has no cure but people detect it through analysis and take a treatment doctor can attenuate and delay the signs of the disease markedly. There is good progress in treatment in recent years.

How do people get the AIDS virus?

AIDS is spread through sexual intercourse carried out without protection, in blood transfusions or any cutting element and the pregnant mother to fetus. It needed only a risk for contracting the virus. Anyone can have AIDS, regardless of sexual orientation. In addition, injecting drug use grows the risk of contagion.

How I can prevent HIV?

Use condoms for all your sex, whether vaginal, anal or oral. While oral sex is lower risk, also exists. The condom should be placed at the beginning of the penetration and not just in the time immediately prior to ejaculation.

Do not share needles or sharp materials of any kind with other people. If you submit to a practice with sharps or needles as a tattoo or dental care, make sure the material used is new and disposable.

If you are pregnant, HIV test be should done. Early detection is essential to reduce the risk of infection to your baby. Remember that many people have the virus and not know it.

AIDS is not spread by kissing, hugging, or sharing a drinking glass with an infected person.