Paleo Diet Plan – Eating Natural and Staying Healthy

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Paleo diet means eating like our ancestors did thousands of years ago. They thrived on food mainly containing red meat and little amount of random vegetables. You can call it living like a caveman. The diet they ate contained highly pure and natural elements. As you can well imagine there were no preservatives and additives for the food and no artificial means to increase the growth of veggies or raise their farm animals. This is enough for you to assess the high level of the natural state of the food consumed long ago. The benefits of paleo diet were apparent from their muscular bodies and unmatchable strength. You can find in the old paintings and drawings of the primitive people that no one was a victim of obesity, extra fat or disfigured shape.

Viewing the far extended benefits of the paleo diet, you can replace your meals and breakfast with paleo modified food – eating more red meat and less fat. Vegetables are more in types and amount in today’s kitchen because of the agriculture revolution, so you can get the advantage of adding more veggies in your diet and still be on a paleo diet. Diversify your meal and add more natural form of foods that you find palatable for you. Owning to the fact that versatility is at your hand in today’s kitchen, you are better at options of changing your eating habits and making a paleo diet plan with vast options.

The Fundamental Philosophy of Paleo Diet

The diet of our forefathers consisted of all those food items that were easily accessible and offered an appetizing and fulfilling eating option. Killing hunger being the sole purpose with something that provides energy and strength to live the hardships of life, they consumed highly nutritious meal, though they were not aware of anything called nutrition but their instincts lead them to what was needed by their body. As the resources were scarce and the circumstances were tough to cook and prepare food, most of the food was consumed half cooked, brewed on direct wood fire. This saved most of the good nutrition of the meat and vegetables from getting burnt or wasted.

The three points that you can easily deduce form this basic philosophy are as follows:
a)      Food is natural- not processed, without preservatives, additives, chemicals, food colors or any other sort of additional fortifying vitamins and steroids.
b)      Nutrition is high.
c)       Cooking time is nominal.

The above brief explanation and analysis of the food consumed by over ancestors help us to understand how to make a paleo diet plan by keeping the real essence of food – nutrition.

Paleo Diet – A Pleasant Change

To decide to go paleo is a pleasant step you take in your life that is entirely different from other ways of keeping healthy and strong. You take a turn without needing someone to inspire you to continue or need extra expenses to get on a better level of health and well-being. It is a very natural method to cut short your way to a future that is free of diabetes, blood pressure, heart burn, cancer, ulcers, heart diseases and a lot many disorders that are caused by unhealthy eating only. When you make your mind to put an end to the use of junk food and artificial additives in your meal, make a number of paleo diet recipes that can be spread on a period of fifteen days to continue your journey smoothly with the new paleo diet plan and observe its effects on your health and body. In the start you observe some basic changes which later get fully formed into great health benefits. For example you digestion system gets better and faster, you feel hungry on time and eat heartily in the start. Why? This is because your metabolic system has improved. Your improved metabolism leads to better muscle shape and less fat in longer run.

Arranging Your Own Paleo Diet Recipes

Owing to the fact that paleo diet is based on natural foods that are kept in their best natural state for consumption; you need to make your own recipes. Though, there are many recipes made by other people who ventured the world of paleo diet but they all contain the vegetables and herbs available in the local area of diet planners and above all their own palate. Since you require vegetables, seeds, herbs, roots, meat and fish, you search your local market and make a combination according to the season and your palate. For example, you can have a number of spring growing herbs which grow in abundance after the rains in tropical regions like India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iran, etc and add them in your daily meals. The vegetables that come only in a certain season can be used fresh, either raw as salad or brewed.

How to Keep Paleo Diet Recipes Relevant

To keep your paleo diet recipes relevant to the real meals of our ancestors keep the following points in your focus:

Do not cut the vegetables very small pieces as these wastes the nutrients.

Keep the spices little to none in your food.

Do not fry the food.

Bake the food half.

Cook the meat either on low fire like steamed or make barbecue.

Use good smelling herbs and not the artificial flavors for making the food appetizing.

No pasta, macaroni, burgers, chips, sandwiches, processed meat, or any other eatable which is not pure and natural.

Last but Not the Least

Reading paleo diet reviews can help you to make better decisions for yourself. A new plaeo diet plan based on the facts about the food and experience of others is more practical. You need to know the basic facts about the food and their properties to take the best advantage of them. Obtaining this information aids you to go ahead and figure out exactly how to make your meals as healthy as possible.